All I Want For Christmas Is A Few More Links

Hey, you can't say I'm not easy to shop for! As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I decided not to do a holiday donation fundraiser for the blog this year. Happily, because of all the new projects, I didn’t feel the urgent need to beg for money to keep afloat like past years. Also, I've decided I'd like something more important than money. I'd like links.

For a site that gets as much traffic as we do, there are relatively few other websites that link to Food Wishes. One problem with spending 95% of my time on production and the creative process is that it leaves very little time to surf the web, reading and commenting on other blogs, or even just doing basic networking.

So, if you're willing and able, I'd love some help getting a few extra links. If you have a blog, or know someone who does, and you think we'd be a valuable resource to them (for example, people that like food and cooking), then hook us up. If enough of you just got us one single extra link on another site, it would make a significant difference in our web ranking.

Above and beyond that, those of you that use sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, and of course Twitter and Facebook, can also help spread the word there, where appropriate. Every little bit helps! A million thanks for everything you've already done to support the site this year, and if you have any questions or leads, and would like more info, please email me and we can discuss one-to-one. Cheers!

Chain Links Photo (c) John-Morgan's Flickr photostream
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