Atlantic City-Style Butter Roasted Cauliflower - I'm On Location And Can't Talk Right Now

Hello from New Jersey! I just flew into Atlantic City to cover the annual "Toast to the Coast" Food and Wine extravaganza for my American Foods site on So, while I'm playing jet-setting food journalist, here is a quick, and very delicious cauliflower video recipe I filmed before I left.

The name of the dish really has nothing to do with Atlantic City, except the trip here forced me to edit it on the plane, and since I don’t have any recording equipment with me, this video is sans voice-over. I think it will be a nice break for both of us. This is an unusual, and tremendously tasty, way to enjoy cauliflower. It's almost like discovering a new vegetable.

I will be doing a recap of the trip with film, recipes, and blog posts to match. By the way, a warm welcome to all the new visitors to the site - the cheese video was featured on Youtube, and we got almost 25,000 pageviews yesterday - a new record! Enjoy the clip!

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